Sisterhood is a gathering of women who understand that life is not meant to be lived alone. We’re everyday women who believe we have a significant place in our homes, church and neighborhoods. We value one another and have a place for everyone because there’s always room for more.

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This is a two day gathering of women, standing side by side, to hear spoken words of life. Conference is more than just an event, it’s an opportunity to be refreshed and leave empowered to courageously live out the life God has called us to. This is a weekend to come together with like-minded, like-spirited women to remind us that we are not alone. God speaks and we position ourselves to hear and respond.

Chick Night
When you walk through the doors you are sure to hear the words, “You can sit with me!” because we believe we are better together.  This is a quarterly gathering for all women junior high and older.  It’s a chance to worship, connect with God and leave strengthened and encouraged.  At Chick Night there is a place for every women to belong.

How we GROW

Every semester we offer specific community groups for women and we know their is a place for you. We are dedicated to seeing you Connect with God and Grow in biblical community as you Go make a difference in our world. Jumping into our community groups is a great way to make friends and to grow spiritually. We encourage you to find a community group and find a place for you to belong in one of our thriving communities.

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How we GO

We believe that women can make an impact locally and globally.  We are passionate to champion specific causes for women and children.  Stay updated on what we’re doing next as we are continuing to serve with other women in our communities to make a difference.

GO Missions


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